What’s the Blello Difference? Your Memory Foam Alternative

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Wondering what makes Blello different from other online mattress companies? For one thing, the top layer of Blello is called Response Foam and consists of 1.5” of Serene® foam. For another, the middle layer is Comfort Foam, which is made from high-density Qualatex™ foam. Since Serene® and Qualatex™ are not as well-known as your other options, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about these materials.

All About Serene® Foam

Designed to combine the best attributes of viscoelasticity and conventional foam, Serene® foam is an alternative to memory foam. As a high-density material, the structure includes billions of microscopic air capsules that work to reduce pressure on critical parts of the body.

Here are some of the most beneficial features of Serene® foam:

It’s Supportive
The cells in Serene® foam are designed so that air is more readily trapped. This requires more force (or weight) to release the air, which translates to more support while you’re sleeping.

On the flip side, it also takes more time for the cells to fill back up with air, which gives the foam contouring capabilities that rival conventional foam and memory foam.

It Keeps Its Cool
Serene® foam is able to dissipate heat faster than memory foam. Plus, it’s not temperature sensitive so you’ll stay cool and dry throughout the night.

The temperature of the environment also won’t affect the comfort of Serene® foam. While memory foam may respond to cold and warm temperatures, Serene® maintains its comfort level at any room temperature.

It Reduces Motion Transfer
Serene® foam controls motion transfer while still retaining the necessary contouring capabilities for the ultimate sleep comfort. You’ll be able to sleep snug without being disturbed by moving partners or pets.

It’s Durable
Serene® foam is high-density and consists of a strong cell structure. This makes the foam long-lasting and very durable. In fact, Serene® foam’s durability rivals that of high-end memory foam, despite being 40% lower in density.


Overall, Serene® foam provides the following benefits:

  • A unique combination of support and pressure relief
  • Contouring properties like memory foam
  • No detectable temperature sensitivity
  • Reduced motion transfer
  • Superior durability
  • Provides more response than memory foam
  • Enhanced support with reduced pressure on critical areas of the body
  • It’s made right here in the U.S.

Other Types of Mattresses

What else can mattresses be made of? Here are three other common materials:

  • Memory Foam – This foam is high-density polyurethane foam formulated to give temperature sensitive behavior. Memory foam has a reputation for sleeping hot because of the foam’s weak breathability as well as its tendency to envelop the sleeper.
  • Innerspring – These mattresses use rows of coil springs as the main support structure. While they can be reasonably priced, these mattresses don’t prevent motion transfer very well and often have short lifespans.
  • Latex – Latex is made from either natural or synthetic materials. Mattresses made from a combination of both are called blended latex. Natural latex can be pricy due to the expense of the material, while blended latex is more affordable.

Most bed-in-a-box companies use traditional memory foam, which was created in the 1970s. Other companies add a gel layer to their mattresses to create a “cooling” effect, but this can be hit or miss. To achieve a cooler sleep, Blello utilizes Serene® foam, which is the most advanced foam on the market.

Serene® foam is our alternative to memory foam and our mattress is also free of coil springs. But did you know that Blello also has a layer that’s an alternative to latex?

An Alternative to Latex – Qualatex™ Foam

While latex mattresses are ideal for some sleepers, others find a few prominent problems with the material, including:

  • Bounce – Since latex doesn’t have the same properties as memory foam, it has a bouncier feel instead of contouring benefits.
  • Motion Transfer – Because of the structure of the latex, you might feel your partner or pet moving in bed during the night.
  • Weight – High-quality, natural latex mattresses can be quite heavy, which will make moving or rearranging furniture difficult.
  • Price – Natural latex mattresses can get a bit pricy since the expense of the material is passed down to the customer.
  • Allergies – If you’re allergic to latex, it’s unlikely that you’d want to sleep on a bed made from the material.

As a latex-free mattress, Blello’s middle layer is made from high-density Qualatex™ foam. This hypo-allergenic layer provides resilient support and a breathable surface that helps improve airflow and keep you cool as your snooze.

This foam’s durable structure means it won’t crumble or crack. In fact, it holds up better through humid conditions and reduces the formation of body impressions over time.

Qualatex™ foam is made through an eco-friendly, U.S.-based manufacturing process and is 100% recyclable. Guaranteed not to sleep hot or go flat, you’ll sleep cool and supported all night long!

What are the major differences between spring and foam mattresses? Read the comparison here.

Overall, What Makes Blello Different?

  • A Better Alternative to Memory Foam – Blello has all the benefits of memory foam’s contouring capabilities with the addition of cooling technology so you can avoid sleeping hot.
  • High-Quality Mattress at a Competitive Price – Made from only premium materials, each foam layer in Blello is durable enough to avoid sinking, but soft enough to contour. As a non-latex mattress, we use Qualatex™ foam as a superior alternative.
  • Simple Online Shopping Experience – Blello ships free and straight to your door, so there’s no need to worry about getting a heavy mattress into your home.
  • 100-Night, Risk-Free Trial – You can sleep on a Blello mattress in the comfort of your own home for 100 nights. This includes free shipping and returns.
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty – You’ll be covered if there are any defects, flaws or deterioration for up to 10 years. Read more about the warranty here.
  • Interactive Quiz – Our quick, six question quiz will honestly tell you if you’d be comfortable sleeping on a Blello mattress.
    Click here to take the quiz!
  • Financing Available Through PayPal Credit – Easily buy now and pay later using your PayPal account.

Try Blello in the comfort of your home for 100 nights and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll arrange a hassle-free return.

*Serene® is a registered trademark of Carpenter Co.
*Qualatex™ is a trademark of Carpenter Co.

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